New Jersey dentists in recent years have expanded their treatment offerings to include both traditional treatment and injectable fillers such as Botox to smooth out wrinkles and lines in a patient’s face. However, new regulations adopted in March by the New Jersey Board of Dentistry could limit dentists’ administration of injectable pharmacologics. These new regulations, effective December 2011, would restrict New Jersey doctors from offering Botox injections for cosmetic purposes such as smile lines or crow’s feet unless they first completed a board-certified 21-hour course on injectable pharmacologics. Oral surgeons are exempt from taking the additional classes. Even after the additional training dentists would only be permitted to treat the perio-oral area — gums, cheeks, jaws, lips, oral cavity and associated tissues. A spokesman from the Division of Consumer Affairs who oversees the board, says this will preclude any injections whatsoever to the forehead. Many dentists however, including the executive director of the New Jersey Dental Association, disagree and consider the forehead an "associated tissue" which should fall within the treatable area. Read More

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