The demand for dentists who can provide their patients with sleep appliances to combat obstructive sleep apnea is booming.

In fact, dental sleep medicine is one of the hottest growth areas in general dentistry, and will continue to be so for years to come.

Yet many dentists who otherwise would offer dental sleep medicine (DSM) in their practices are put off by warnings that medical billing for these treatments - especially when it comes to Medicare patients - is a bona fide nightmare.

Well, it's not.

“Medical billing can be a breeze - even for patients covered by Medicare”

Our guest on this episode of Good News Dentistry™, Randy Curran, and the company he founded seven years ago, Pristine Medical Billing, process more than 800 sleep patient claims each month for dentists in 48 of the 50 states.

And, as Randy will explain, after an easy initial period handled primarily by a dentist's team members, medical billing can be a breeze - even for patients covered by Medicare.

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Pristine Medical Billing goes well beyond obtaining pre-authorizations and processing of dental sleep medicine claims - taking all of the hassle off the backs of dentists.

Randy and his crew help dentists with case presentation - allowing accurate forecasts of how much a patient's insurance will cover and what patients can expect to pay out of pocket.

Pristine Medical Billing also can help dentists properly price their dental sleep medicine services, because Pristine has an amazing proprietary data base that looks at both pricing trends and reimbursement patterns locally and nationally.

If you're not yet offering dental sleep medicine in your practice, you owe it to your patients and to yourself to learn more about it - and to do some mythbusting when it comes to the misinformation surrounding it.

If you do offer DSM, you'll want to hear what Randy has to say, because he is quite business savvy and knows the ins and outs of dental sleep medicine.

Host Dean Rotbart is an award-winning former reporter and columnist with The Wall Street Journal. Good News Dentistry™ is produced by The Dental Good Life, a proud sponsor of DOCS Education.

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