Perfected Full Arch Dental Implant Workflow

Discover a new paradigm shift from the team behind the award-winning Smile in One System®.

Sponsored ArticleBy Susan Richards

Earlier this year, at the annual meeting of the Academy of Osseointegration, the Best Clinical Innovations Award was presented to the team that developed Smile in One System® (SiOS®), beating out 22 other participants. Subsequently, DOCS Education was excited to invite Dr. Nilo Hernandez, DDS, and John Orfanidis to share their new patented and registered system in a recent Elite Learning Series webinar.

Turning Implant Dentistry on its Head

Dr. Nilo Hernandez, DDS

One of DOCS's first oral sedation students, Dr. Hernandez, has been in private practice for over 32 years and has been placing and restoring implants since the beginning. He was constantly attempting to correct problems that routinely surfaced during many of the procedures.

"There had to be better answers," said Dr. Hernandez, discussing the increase in full arch cases. Patients were unhappy with their dentures, but the same processes and protocols were still in place. His frustration ultimately led to his collaboration with John Orfanidis and the development of SiOS®.

John Orfanidis – known as "Johnny O" among his colleagues – is a third-generation technician who has been around dental laboratories and clinics all his life. He was instrumental in bringing the first digital partial framework software to market using haptics and building the North American market for Exocad. He currently runs Ameri-Dent, a specialized dental laboratory, with his partners.

The team first identified approximately 25 inherent flaws in the current full arch dental implant workflow systems. These problems included the analog collection of data and a high degree of guessing and unpredictability. The stress and possible failure percentage was increased with a less experienced operator.

Some of the common issues that arise with the current workflow systems include:

  • Improper occlusion.
  • Vertical dimension, occlusal plane, and midline are not reproducible.
  • Denture conversion at the chair or afterward.
  • Distal saddles fracture.
  • Staining and poor esthetics.
  • Time wasted and more.

No Conversion Necessary

Because SiOS® incorporates a fully digital experience from the onset of the planning stage, the final prosthesis is approved before the procedure and delivered at the time of the surgery. Implant position doesn't dictate the outcome, and no conversion is necessary. Plus, every case has a way out if a need to abort exists.

SiOS® includes the patented Matchmaker® precision placement beacon system that helps control the esthetic outcome. Whether dentists utilize a guided or freehand process, it can be used for either style or converted on the fly.

"Occlusion is the most important part of the function," explained Orfanidis, so "it gets completed digitally, and all you're going to do is the insert." In fact, 80% of the entire case is done in the lab so the dentist can focus on the surgery.

"We focus on what we're good at and let the lab do what they're good at," agreed Dr. Hernandez.

Benefits of SiOS® include:

  • Pre-designed for patient acceptance.
  • Fully digital process from plan to prosthesis.
  • Established occlusion with perfect positioning.
  • No learning curve or changes in personal surgical protocols.
  • No need for verification jigs.
  • No need for denture conversions.
  • Virtually eliminate implant failure.
  • Faster completion of the case for improved production.
  • Substructure in multiple materials: titanium, chrome cobalt, polymers.
  • It’s simple to complete and insert the final prosthesis.

The recognition from the Academy of Osseointegration comes after four years of development and more than 40 cases completed successfully with SiOS®. In addition to Dr. Hernandez and Mr. Orfanidis, the SiOS® team includes Dr. John Poovey, DMD, and Doug Mendoza.

"Our system is proven. We've combined our experiences, and we've really provided a system that makes a lot of sense," said Orfanidis. The SiOS® team will continue innovation as they offer certification training in the coming months for dentists and dental labs.

For more information on this exciting new system, visit or email [email protected].

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Author: Susan Richards is an award-winning staff writer at DOCS Education. With more than 20 years of experience in local journalism, feature writing, and business marketing, Susan enjoys creating content with context for various industries.

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