Super Bowl LIII Winner Rob Gronkowski (From his Facebook page)
Super Bowl LIII Winner Rob Gronkowski (From his Facebook page)
Red Dela Cruz
Red Dela Cruz
Minority Investor and Endorser, Rob Gronkowski
Minority Investor and Endorser, Rob Gronkowski

By Maxwell Rotbart

As a tight end for the 2019 Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots, Rob Gronkowski caught an 18-yard pass and a crucial 29-yard pass in the second-half drive that led to the only touchdown in the low-scoring 13-3 Pats victory over the Los Angeles Rams.

On the field, Gronk, as Gronkowski is affectionately known by fans, is one-part offensive lineman and one-part wide receiver. Off the field, the 29-year-old is also a very effective pitchman for SNOW, an all-in-one teeth whitening system that Gronk not only promotes, but has also invested in.

SNOW relies on LED lights, powered by a smartphone or other USB power source, to painlessly whiten even the most sensitive teeth in 21-30 days, using the SNOW system for 10 to 30 minutes daily.

Founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneur Josh Elizetxe, now 25, and based in Scottsdale, AZ, SNOW promises long-lasting teeth whitening while avoiding sensitivity pain. SNOW claims to have no side effects, allow users to drink coffee and red wine afterward, and even be safe for breastfeeding mothers.

It also boasts a slate of celebrity users, including Gronk, boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, MMA fighter Chuck Liddell, fashion blogger Michelle Madonna (That Madonna Girl), and UFC “Octagon Girl” and fitness model, Red Dela Cruz.

Both Gronk, who has now won three Super Bowl championships since joining the NFL in 2010, and Liddell, a UFC World Light Heavyweight champion and 2009 UFC Hall of Fame inductee, are minority investors in the company that manufactures and distributes SNOW.

The two celebrities were panelists on a short-lived “Shark Tank”-style program, MVP, and both men bought a less-than-five percent share in SNOW.

On his popular Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, Gronk periodically plugs the teeth-whitening system, including selfies of himself using it. On Facebook alone, the athlete enjoys 1.5 million fans.

“Check out my company @snowteethwhitening if you want your teeth looking smooth this summer,” Gronk wrote on Instagram in May of last year. “I did it and all the sexy grandmas tell me how nice my smile is now.”

The SNOW kits retail for $300 each, but discounts are common, especially using savings codes, such as “Gronk,” offered by the product’s celebrity endorsers.

SNOW pledges a non-specified portion of its profits to families who can’t afford dental care.

According to a recent article on the product in the Phoenix Business Journal, SNOW plans to introduce a “smart toothbrush” linked to the Apple Watch. The company already offers an anti-aging lip treatment with resveratrol, and an activated charcoal whitening floss, among other products.

“We’re gamifying oral health,” Elizetxe told the Phoenix Business Journal.


Author: Contributing writer Maxwell Rotbart specializes in covering business, education, and history-related topics. He is the author of The State of Israel: Prime Ministers, available from

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