A DOCS Education member asks:
I have both naloxone and atropine in my emergency kit, but I am not sure I could remember the dosage and route to administer them in an emergency. Atropine looks like it comes in an individual dose but I'm not sure. Can you please give me a quick refresher course on these meds? Thanks!

Dr. Jerome Wellbrock, DOCS Education faculty responds:
Naloxone or NarcanĀ® is use to reverse opioid (narcotic) drugs. The usual dose is 0.2 to 0.4mg. Atropine is used to treat symptomatic bradycardia with hypotension. The usual dose is 0.5mg. Both of these drugs are best administered via IV or IO. I would suggest reviewing all the drugs in your Emergency Kit on a regular basis at least once a month. You want to make sure none of your drugs are expired, and you might as well review each drug for reason of use and usual dosage and frequency of dosage if indicated. It is helpful to keep a sheet or list of each drug, indication for use, how supplied, usual dose given and frequency of dosing if needed in your kit, as memories have a way of leaving during an emergency.

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