Product Description:


This visually cued manual is designed as a practical reference for general dentists, dental hygienists, and students. It is useful in both clinical and educational settings. Organized by basic principles of periodontics, the Manual of Clinical Periodontics presents information in a question-and-answer, bulleted format and offers straightforward approaches to periodontal diseases, diagnosis, and therapy options, including sample treatment plans.


Over 400 drawings and color photographs
18 tabbed sections for easy access
5 new chapters and new images within Implant Considerations section


Introduction to Evidence-Based Decision Making
Anatomy, Histology, and Physiology of the Periodontium
Etiology and Classification of the Periodontal Diseases
Clinical Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, and Therapeutic Endpoints
Prevention of Disease and Maintenance of Health
Nonsurgical Therapy: Scaling and Root Planing, Occlusal and Antibiotic Therapy
Surgical Treatment Principles
Surgical Treatment: Resective and Regenerative Procedures
Surgical Treatment: Periodontal Plastic Surgery
Periodontal Emergencies
Implant Considerations
Site Development
Guided Bone Regeneration
Pneumatized Sinus
3-Dimensional Concepts
Appendix / Key Word Index