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This course consists of three modules. The modules are taken from Forensic Dentistry: Working from Failure, Moving Forward with Solutions.

Dr. John Dovgan, DDS, is a State Board consultant and expert witness. He’s an established Standard of Care Investigator (S.C.I.), whose resume includes more than 1,300 dental board cases, 130 lawsuits, and multiple states and federal class action lawsuits. He created the first checklist the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners adopted for consultant use in blanket allegation cases.

Dentists, even the best and brightest, are human. That means they can (and do) make mistakes while treating patients. Treatment errors can lead to adverse outcomes. Most dentists will learn from their mistakes and not repeat them. Some dentists, however, won’t. In this course, Dr. Dovgan advocates for prevention as the best medicine. He discusses health checks as part of the standard of care. He reveals how certain life-threatening conditions can develop from otherwise routine dental procedures. Finally, he explains how personality traits and work habits can negatively impact a dentist’s performance.

This online course qualifies for 1 hour of CE credit that is automatically issued with a digital certificate once you have completed the program. This course is intended for practicing dentists, but it will also prove valuable to dental board members, current and future dental consultants, and permit examiners.

Adverse Outcomes and How to Prevent Them

The standard of care principle gives dentists considerable latitude when treating patients. So it’s not surprising that “obvious” deviations from it represent only a tiny fraction of adverse outcome board cases. Instead, most board investigations (triggered by patient injury or death) probe largely gray areas to reach a conclusion. In this module, Dr. Dovgan shows you how to recognize factors that can lead to serious patient harm. You’ll learn what to do to keep patients safe before, during, and after treatment.

Common Errors in Everyday Practice

Dentists inevitably make mistakes. Most are minor and correctable. A few, though, carry severe consequences. In this module, Dr. Dovgan lists the red flags that push state dental boards to administer discipline. He shares damaging mistakes dentists make during malpractice investigations. He’ll also teach you how to reduce the number of mistakes—, especially serious ones--by taking preventative action.

What Type of Dentists Get into Trouble?

Dentists who are the subject of board complaints and malpractice claims often share commonalities. These include personality traits, levels of education, and work habits. In this module, you’ll learn why Dr. Dovgan warns against learning on the job. You’ll hear what he says are the two big causes of workplace mistakes. He’ll also show you—by example—how to avoid embarrassing patient blunders.

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  • Learn how prevention is the best medicine 

  • Learn about health checks as part of the standard of care 

  • Explore how certain life-threatening conditions can develop from otherwise routine dental procedures  

  • Understand how personality traits and work habits can negatively impact a dentist’s performance 

  • Find out the red flags that push state dental boards to administer discipline 

  • Learn damaging mistakes dentists make during malpractice investigations and how to reduce the number of mistakes 

  • Learn why Dr. Dovgan warns against learning on the job.  

  • Discover the two big causes of workplace mistakes 

  • Understand how to avoid embarrassing patient blunders 

(AGD Code - Definition - Hours)

550 (Practice Management: Jurisprudence) - 1 hour

Total hours: 1 hour

Original release date: 1/20/2019

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Dr. John Dovgan
Dr. John Dovgan

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