Course Description:

Advances in dental technology have reached an inflection point. Digital impressions produce more accurate, comfortable, and economical implants than traditional PVS impressions. Despite the clear advantage, few dentists have made the switch. Why? The two primary objections are equipment and training costs. In this video, Dr. Ray Coleman, DDS, explores both objections. He also presents two cases in which an associate dentist used digital technology to treat complex problems successfully.

Course Objectives:

You’ll learn:

  • Why digital dentistry will make you a better dentist—immediately.
  • How digital impression workflows compare to standard impression workflows.
  • Options for choosing a high-accuracy scanner.
  • How digital impressions affect laboratory fees.
  • The best free and low-cost software programs for making digital impressions.
  • Why you should consider making your own surgical guides.
  • How a novice dentist used scanning technology to place implants and check for alignment from an office computer.
  • How a novice dentist used software to place six implants in an unrestorable maxillary arch in just over two hours.

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Watch the video and complete the quiz to earn one CE credit.

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690 (Implants: Emerging Materials, Science, and Therapies) – 1 hour 

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Original release date: 12/21/2018
Reviewed/Updated: 12/24/2020

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Ray Coleman, DDS

C. Ray Coleman, DDS, is an old-school dentist who has warmly embraced the very latest proven dental technologies to better serve his patients and make his own practice safer, more efficient, and more profitable.

In practice in Salt Lake City since 1989, Dr. Coleman has consistently explored ways to better serve his grateful patients, as well as to instruct other dentists on how to readily take up new digital treatment protocols.

Dr. Coleman is an evangelist for digitized implant placement, which allows all dentists to shave time and significant expense off the process of placing dental implants, all the while increasing the precision and success of the procedures.

“From scanning and milling to implant surgical guide printing, digital dentistry is here now and is only growing,” Dr. Coleman notes.

A graduate of The University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry, Dr. Coleman practices everything he teaches. He also serves as the owner of a specialized dental lab and is co-developer of PlanPro software, an impressive in-office dental plan management tool.

Dr. Coleman’s teaching style is infused with his down-to-earth humor and personal anecdotes, and always provides ample opportunities for questions-and-answers with his students.


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