Product Description:

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The ZOLL AED 3® defibrillator is the new offering from ZOLL and leads the way with Real CPR Help® technology. The innovative, intuitive design and enhanced features of ZOLL AED 3 will give you the confidence and the knowledge needed to treat emergencies as they happen in your practice.

Enhanced Real CPR Help

Proven Real CPR Help® technology now features a full-color display with vivid rescue images, a CPR cycle timer, and a large color bar gauge that shows CPR compression depth.

In addition to displaying integrated, real-time CPR feedback (guiding you and your team in delivering high-quality CPR), the ZOLL AED 3 screen also includes one-of-a-kind intuitive touch-screen capabilities. The touchscreen allows quick access to AED information and enables configuration without the need for additional external devices or software.

Integrated Pediatric Rescue

Simply activate child mode for pediatric rescue with the universal CPR Uni-padz™ electrodes.


Cloud connectivity enables automatic reporting of device status, giving you confidence your AED is ready in an emergency.

Long-Life Consumables

Long-lasting batteries and pads increase readiness by reducing the frequency of maintenance.