Microdosing Your Way to Happiness and Success with Self-Help Author and Coach, Karen Salmansohn

Self-help author and coach Karen Salmansohn shows how small habits yield big results.

By Susan Richards

Are you tired of feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or burnt out? Research has shown that small, consistent changes to your daily routine can lead to massive life improvements.

In a recent DOCS Education Elite Learning Series webinar, bestselling author and behavioral change expert Karen Salmansohn explained how to create new "micro-habits" to push past limiting beliefs, stop self-sabotage, improve your relationships, cultivate better self-care, and more.

"It's far better to take small steps forward… and take them consistently," said Salmansohn, explaining that making major changes all at once is difficult and overwhelming for most people.


Karen Salmansohn

Karen Salmansohn founded the therapist-recommended Tweak A Week Online Course and is an instructor for the popular DOCS course on managing emotional exhaustion. She is also a self-help book author and coach with approximately two million books sold nationally and internationally, including the bestseller, Happy Habits. As the founder of NotSalmon.com, a personal development site, she is a regular columnist for Oprah, CNN, Psychology Today, Huffington Post, and MSN.

Several high-profile figures endorse Salmansohn's work, including Deepak Chopra, Madonna, Tony Robbins, Goldie Hawn, Peter Guber, Arianna Huffington, Tim Ferriss, Tony Hsieh – and then some. Within the micro-habits presentation, she successfully shares her research and crafts her message specifically for dental industry professionals by addressing the most common issues.

Referring to the "elephant in the room," Salmansohn acknowledges that dental offices are still short-handed and finding qualified talent can be challenging. Employee retention is more important than ever, and an unhappy work culture can compound the problem. She believes the solution for a happy and productive team lies in a shift in mindset and manageable micro-changes.

Training Your Brain

With these issues in mind, Karen Salmansohn shares 15 small habits based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), neuro-linguistic programming, and positive psychology. Furthermore, she helpfully provides examples of integrating the practices into specific dental team scenarios. Some of the key tips and techniques include:

  • Active Constructive Responding, which celebrates team successes
  • Being a "perpetual student for life" through micro-learning
  • Getting on board the Appreciation Express – with an audience
  • Reducing overwhelm and stress with the Five Senses Grounding Technique
  • Changing the narrative of your day with a power pose and a victory dance
  • How to dispute irrational beliefs by avoiding "always/never" thinking

Salmansohn provides suggestions for successful team bonding experiences and techniques for dealing with toxic patients or problematic employees. All of which are geared toward cultivating meaningful connections in your workplace and personal life.

Embrace Living Imperfectly

In addition to learning new tools for the team, Salmansohn also shares the value of self-care – through better sleep and eating habits, gratitude journals, and reducing eye strain for both computer and clinical work.

"Train yourself to look for the positive," urges Salmansohn when explaining how she swaps out negative thoughts with humor.

We're positive you'll enjoy this empowering program with Karen Salmansohn and look forward to more of her valuable insights for dental professionals and patients alike. If you're interested in learning more, the course Microdosing Your Way to Happiness, Calm, and Success is now available online for home study.

To watch this course, click here. DOCS Members and Trial Members can watch for free and earn 1.5 CE hours.

Author: Susan Richards is an award-winning staff writer at DOCS Education. With more than 20 years of experience in local journalism, feature writing, and business marketing, Susan enjoys creating content with context for various industries.

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