Product Description:

Expansive content library. Patient-friendly, customizable forms. Implementation training videos. Digital format.

The Sedation Dentistry Guidebook is a tool for launching and optimizing the sedation portion of your practice. It was designed for both new and experienced sedation dentists. Using the Guidebook as directed will create more time and opportunities for you to do high-value patient work. The Guidebook is delivered in digital form. Annual membership, after the first year, ensures access to continuous updates and additions.

The Guidebook’s Content:

The Sedation Dentistry Guidebook contains an expanding list of 100+ documents for every stage of the patient management lifecycle. The outline of the Guidebook is intuitive; finding any document is easy.

The Guidebook contains a vast library of ready-to-use, fully-customizable forms. Forms are legally compliant and updated frequently to include the latest science and regulations. The document library is accessible online and can also be stored on your hard drive. Video training helps support staff boost productivity and eliminate redundancies. The Guidebook’s documents are ready to print, scan, or fax. They can be changed and personalized, too, in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

In addition to the user’s manual, the Guidebook contains eight training videos (total run time: seven hours). The training videos provide step-by-step instructions for using the Guidebook. Team members can watch videos to learn how to customize forms while also learning how to implement systems for greater productivity.

Intended Outcomes from Using the Guidebook:

  • Attract new patients and activate existing ones using simple, intelligent, and cost-effective marketing tactics.
  • Minimize lost chair time by reducing cancellations and patient turnover.
  • Increase case acceptance rates by using financial forms that justify the investment.
  • Protect against lawsuits and state board investigations with legally reviewed consent forms.
  • Stay current on scientific findings that impact sedation dentistry.
  • Provide optimal patient safety throughout the sedation treatment process.
  • Build a sustainable patient retention and referral system.
  • Simplify the workflow for front office team members.

Other Benefits of the Guidebook:

  • Efficiency. Many of the documents in the Guidebook can be used for non-sedation, general dentistry services. Team members will save time by eliminating redundant patient forms and other clutter.
  • Reassurance. The Guidebook’s financial forms are written in plain English, without unnecessary legalese. These simple forms put patients at ease and provide clarity in making treatment decisions.
  • Wisdom. The Guidebook was developed with input from hundreds of practicing dentists in the United States. New documents are added annually, often by member request.
  • Precision. Candidates for sedation dentistry have very particular concerns that need to be addressed before they’ll consider your services. The Guidebook offers specific messaging for reaching high-fear patients.

Order today and take full advantage of the lucrative, but still niche, sedation dentistry market.


Sedation Implementation Made Easy.

Sedation Implementation Made Easy

The Guidebook includes more than one hundred documents and systems that will save you time and money while increasing patient satisfaction. Particularly valuable are the systems and tools for helping high-fear sedation patients schedule and keep appointments, accept treatment, move into the recare system, and even make referrals.

Faculty and legal counsel review documents quarterly to ensure they comport with scientific and regulatory changes. Video training prioritizes patient and staff safety.

You’ll discover:

  • Simple, cost-effective marketing tools for attracting new patients and activating existing ones.
  • Proven systems for securing new appointments, reducing cancellations and no-shows, and minimizing lost chair time.
  • Methods for securing case acceptance with financial arrangements and justification systems.
  • Detailed, articulate consent forms that offer protection from lawsuits.
  • Procedures for ensuring optimum patient safety throughout the entire treatment process.
  • Specific systems for motivating patients to return for recare.
  • Honest tactics for generating patient referrals during follow-up care.

Added benefits:

  • Many forms can also be used for general dentistry services.
  • Video training provides tips for building a compassionate, customer-first team that works well together.
  • Video training is self-taught, on-demand, and segmented for effective learning.

More bonuses:

New Patient Incoming Call Sheet, Letter of Intent, Treatment Information, Consent Forms, Patient letters and updates for one year.

Video training is accessible anytime at (log in with your DOCS user ID and password). Each training session is sixty minutes. New training videos are added periodically.

Sedation Dentistry Guidebook

  • Online All documents and manuals, written training materials, implementation training videos

Upgrades Updated quarterly (Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct)

Physical copy of the Guidebook available for extra charge