Product Description:

You can get better results on your website with the addition of video making the Walk in the Park Patient Education Video a great enhancement to your site. Adding video helps to create a more intimate relationship with potential patients while informing them of the benefits of the services you provide. The Bloomsberg BusinessWeek published an article about the benefits of using video on your website including search engine optimization, increased sales and traffic not to mention patient education.

To support you in educating your patients on the benefits of Sedation Dentistry, DOCS now offers not one, but two videos! The Walk in the Park Weblink is a 2.75 minute video clip that describes sedation dentistry and includes patient testimonies. And to answer the needs of our growing Spanish speaking population, the video is now also offered in Spanish.

To license one video is $99/year. Add the second for just $50 more.

When you order, we’ll send you a custom piece of code to place on your website. You can also send us your webmaster’s email and we’ll send the code directly to him/her and copy you so you know it got there. Simply paste the code into your site.
Video is a great adjunct to your website and this clip will help inform patients about the opportunities Sedation dentistry can offer.

NOTE: Some states require the dentist to possess an active sedation permit before advertising "sedation dentistry." DOCS Members can check with our Regulatory Counsel for guidance.

A Walk in the Park (English)
A Walk in the Park (Spanish)