7 Things to Know: News and Events Impacting Sedation Dentistry

A recap of the latest news and events happening at DOCS Education and in sedation dentistry.

By Genni Burkhart

From the latest updates regarding dental regulations to the recognition of a newly inducted DOCS Education Fellow, valuable member discounts, how you can influence our course topics, and the fall lineup of our virtual and in-person events – we’ll recap everything you need to know regarding DOCS Education and sedation dentistry.

1. At Last, the California Pediatric Minimal Sedation Certificate Application Form is Available

As California sedation dentists know, the California Oral Conscious Sedation for Minors certificate was eliminated on January 1, 2022. The application form for the replacement permit/certificate – the Pediatric Moderate Sedation permit – has finally been made available and can be found here.

Graduates of DOCS’ Pediatric Sedation Dentistry course have met the requirement for this new pediatric sedation permit, and likely already have an Oral Conscious Sedation (OCS) for Minors certificate. Current permits authorize the use of oral conscious sedation under California regulations with a few changes that also went into effect on January 1.

If you have questions regarding these changes, DOCS members can contact the DOCS Regulatory Counsel at: [email protected].

Current California OCS for Minors should check the CA Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) website here to confirm the date that their current permit expires. Within 2 months of the expiration of your current permit, you'll need to apply for the Pediatric Minimal Sedation certificate. Renewing your current OCS for Minors permit is not possible. There's no obligation to show additional renewal CE, but you'll need to apply for the new Pediatric Minimal Sedation Certificate. You may learn the same training experience used for your OCS for Minors permit, but the educational provider must submit a new form (the PMSP-2) attesting to your successful completion of the educational requirement.

If you are a graduate of DOCS Pediatric Sedation Dentistry, DOCS Regulatory Counsel will submit a PMSP-2 on your behalf in January of 2023. Please contact DOCS Regulatory Counsel at [email protected] if your current sedation permit is expiring prior to that date and your PMSP-2 sooner will be submitted sooner.

2. Georgia Regulations Amend Conscious Sedation Permits

On April 5, 2022, the Georgia Board of Dentistry posted a notice of public hearing regarding its “Intent to Amend Rule 150-13-.01 Conscious Sedation Permits.” The proposed amendment inserted the word “in-person” into the educational requirement for the enteral conscious sedation permit which is required for general dentists to use oral sedation on their patients. Scheduling the “public hearing” for May 6th, the Board offered no explanation for this change and invited public comment both in writing and in testimony at the hearing itself. DOCS Education, therefore, submitted a written comment and attended the public hearing.

While both Dr. Michael Silverman, CEO of DOCS Education, and J. Kathleen Marcus, General Counsel, argued that the addition of “in-person” to the educational requirement for the Moderate Enteral Conscious Sedation Permit requirement of Rule 150-13-.01 will not increase the quality of education required and will not further the Board’s mandate to protect the safety of Georgia’s dental patients, the Georgia Board passed these amendments which have been sent to the Georgia Governor for signature.

DOCS Education continues to fight against these amendments which fail to further the public health, exclude general dentists for the benefit – and only for the benefit – of dental specialists, and increase the cost of dentistry to the public thus decreasing access to care.

3. DOCS Education Recognizes Ian M. Fontenot, DDS

DOCS Education is proud to announce Ian M. Fontenot, DDS has successfully completed the required criteria for obtaining Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS) Diplomate Status and has been recognized as a Fellow of DOCS Education.

“I think it’s a great organization, and that’s why I’ve been a member for so long and I’ll continue to be a member of DOCS Education. – Ian M. Fontenot, DDS

Candidates for Diplomate status must maintain active membership in DOCS and previously have completed the Fellowship track in addition to two or more of the following: participating in sedation dentistry research, receiving at least 200 hours of continuing education in sedation over the past eight years, and authoring/co-authoring five articles on sedation dentistry. Finally, candidates must be supported by two letters of recommendation from current DOCS Education Fellows or Diplomates.

Pursuing a Fellowship or Diplomate demonstrates a clinician's outstanding commitment to treat these patients to the highest standards of safety and care.

4. Koerner Center for Surgical Instruction Offers Special Savings for DOCS Education Customers

DOCS Education customers can now save on Koerner Center for Surgical Instruction Courses (KCSI). KCSI is pleased to partner with DOCS Education to offer its customers substantial savings. Find more information, including discount codes here.

5. October 7th-8th Interactive (((LIVE))) Streaming 

Interactive (((LIVE))) Streaming allows dentists to accelerate learning without ever leaving their home or office. This October 7th-8th we’re offering a full selection of courses available to attend via this interactive, forward-facing program designed to meet educational requirements for:

  • Oral Sedation Dentistry
  • Oral Sedation Recertification
  • Master Series: Advanced Sedation
  • Light Sedation: N2O & Oral Sedatives
  • IV Sedation Recertification

Interactive (((LIVE))) Streaming is the future of delivering advanced education, saving time and money for participants. Taught by DOCS’ world-renowned faculty, these programs combine interactive, two-way video conferencing, immediate response Q&A technology, and regulatory counsel support. To register or find out more information about DOCS Interactive (((LIVE))) Streaming this October click here.

6. Continuing Education Event November 4th-5th in Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale is a prime destination for business and leisure. From the beauty of the Sonoran Desert to the luxury resorts, restaurants, and unique activities and attractions, Scottsdale is the ideal location for a quick and meaningful getaway.

Join DOCS Education this November in Scottsdale, AZ and choose from the noteworthy course line-up which includes:

Build Your Own Itinerary: Combine PALS with Pediatric Oral Sedation Dentistry or Pediatric Sedation Dentistry Recertification/APAM.

7. We Want to Hear from You

DOCS Education members were recently surveyed about what kind of emergency training courses they’d like to see going forward. If you’d like to contribute your input, you can follow the link here: DOCS Member Course Offering Survey.

If you’re not yet a DOCS Education member, you’re invited to join our community of dentists at the forefront of the profession by clicking here. As your regulatory ‘safety net,’ having access to J. Kathleen Marcus Esq. more than justifies the modest annual membership fee.


Author: With over 12 years as a published journalist, editor, and writer Genni Burkhart’s career has spanned politics, healthcare, law, business finance, technology, and news. She resides on the western shores of the idyllic Puget Sound where she works as the Editor in Chief for the Incisor at DOCS Education out of Seattle, WA.

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